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3 Tips To Engage Visitors On Your Website For Long

Vivek Singh June 24, 2021

We live in a world of instant gratification and infinite distraction. From steady streams of information to regular interruptions from our smartphones, it is not shocking that the human attention span is now less.

Every website’s goal is to cut through that noise, grab a user’s attention and hold on to a longer period. Longer visits just do not translate to more engagements and conversions but also they mean that better search rankings on search engines.

Let’s take an example, Google loves the websites that keep people involved, and they heavily favor and give reward you according to your websites’ performance. So, keeping visitors on your website for the longest amount of time is incredibly important when it comes to being found on the page of Google.

With this, here are some of the points which help to make you understand the ways of involving users and keeping visitors on your website for a longer period:

  1. Making more involving content:-
  • If you have somehow clicked apparently harmless link only to find an unwieldy block of text, then you should be able to understand how important readability is in keeping visitors.
  • If the simple act of reading your content feels tough to understand, then users would leave the website.
  • To make your information easy to find, you ought to try to use bullets and descriptive subheadings also.
  • It is pretty well known that most of the people do not actually read on the web, they just scan and pick up the bits and pieces of what they are looking for.
  • So, you should create more involving contents for your visitors and significantly reduce the bounce rates too.
  1. Content should be unique:-
  • Grab visitors from going them and fetch their attention with clear messages and relevant content.
  • With all of the cookie-cutter templates and listicles, your readers paddle through on a daily basis, it is so much complex to make your website stand out from the crowd.
  • So, be imaginative in your posts and develop a unique & awesome voice or your website.
  1. Using Multimedia in your content:-
  • It is known to you that multimedia files tend to hold the viewer’s attention for a longer time.
  • Your visitors might not sit down and read a lot of words in your article, but they may listen to all of the same content in a single visit if it is conveyed via a video or audio.

Thus, hope this article gives you something insights on how to keep your visitors for a longer time on your website. With a bit of due diligence and following these best practices, you can engage those abandoning visitors and convert them into customers.


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