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5 Must Have Things For a Developing Website

Rahul Yadav June 9, 2021

Planning a new website design for your business can be daunting. There is not a one size which fits all solution, but there are a few basic functions and content sections you should create to make it an effective marketing tool.

1. Contact Details Must be Everywhere
It seems simple, but a lot of companies miss this. Include the contact number you want people to call for inquiries, preferably at the top of each page. Also, Include a clickable “Contact!” CTA that either opens an email client or links to your contact form. Make sure you’re utilizing easy-to-use contact and inquiry forms throughout your site.

2. A Blog
All digital, social, and other online marketing requires quality content. So, if you’re having any online marketing effort, you should start with a blog. To get maximum SEO benefit, your blog should be listed under your domain instead of off-site through a service like Blogger.com.

Benefits include:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Communications channel for your company that produces content shareable on social sites.
  • One way to establish your company as an expert in your industry and connect with your customers.

3. Testimonials
Potential customers need to trust you before choosing to work with you. According to a WebDAM Solutions, customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%.

Use your website to build your credibility by sharing your expertise and successful track record with clients and customers. Often, a testimonials page is one of the most visited pages on sites we create for our clients. When you do get testimonials, ask your clients for permission to use their real names. Real endorsements from recognizable businesses and organizations means a lot more than an anonymous testimonial.

4. SEO Strategy
The customers who know your name can search your website, but what about people that don’t? Optimizing your site with relevant keywords that match a searcher’s intent is important for website traffic and generating leads. This is all part of an intelligent SEO strategy.

To help with your SEO strategy, there are some best practices you can implement when building out new pages.

  • Write your titles and meta descriptions with SEO in mind, making sure you use relevant keywords in both.
  • Keep your URL structure concise, easy to follow, and incorporate keywords.

5. About Us Section
People care about who they’re doing business with, which is why sharing your story and “why you do what you do,” can make a actual difference when trying to attract business.

An “About Us” section on your website is a great approach to tell your company’s history, your mission, and outline your goals for the future. Consider including your founders, current business leaders, and further information about your team.

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